Tertiary and Adult Education Policy (EDU4441)

This unit examines issues related to tertiary and adult education at the micro and macro levels, including issues of tertiary and adult education as they relate to individuals, universities and other tertiary education settings, the larger national society, and the global context. This unit is interdisciplinary, using philosophical, psychological, economic, political and sociological perspectives to critically examine tertiary and adult education.

Unit aims

The broad aims of the unit are to:
1. Introduce you to the significant issues surrounding adult and tertiary education.
2. Develop your analytical and critical thinking skills.
3. Develop your writing and communication skills.

Learning outcomes

Specific learning outcomes of the unit are to:

1. Expand your understanding of the main policy issues related to adult and tertiary education in Australia.
2. Expand your understanding of adult and tertiary education policy issues in foreign countries that are relevant to Australia.
3. Expand your understanding of the global forces and trends affecting adult and tertiary education in Australia.

The following includes notes directly taken from the Unit Learning Guide introducing each topic, questions raised in the online class, responses, along with notes from other participants in the class.