GradDip Psychology

Regular readers know that I have recently taken a psychological turn in these trying times, especially informed with prior interests in Stoicism on how to redirect the emotions of depression and anxiety to virtuous behaviour and happiness, and project management on how to get shit done. To whit, in a conversation Janie Gale exclaimed

"I went from oh we are talking about stuff for Lev to FUCK HE'S TRYING TO MATHEMATICALLY WORK OUT WHAT'S BEST FOR SOMEONE ELSE!"

Well, that made me laugh (and it continues to do so). Of course, it's for someone else. How often do I do things for myself? I'm glad someone's picked up why I do things.

Although several months before I start I've made a plan for what courses I will do. The Grad Dip involves doing 120 points of psychology papers at the University of Auckland.

PSYCH 211: Psychology for Society