GradDip Psychology

Regular readers know that I have recently taken a psychological turn in these trying times, especially informed with prior interests in Stoicism on how to redirect the emotions of depression and anxiety to virtuous behaviour and happiness, and project management on how to get shit done. To whit, in a conversation Janie Gale exclaimed

"I went from oh we are talking about stuff for Lev to FUCK HE'S TRYING TO MATHEMATICALLY WORK OUT WHAT'S BEST FOR SOMEONE ELSE!"

Well, that made me laugh (and it continues to do so). Of course, it's for someone else. How often do I do things for myself? I'm glad someone's picked up why I do things.

Although several months before I start I've made a plan for what courses I will do. The Grad Dip involves doing 120 points of psychology papers (each paper worth 15 points), consisting of 45pts from second-year courses and 75pts from third-year courses:

* Understanding Psychological Research PSYCH211 (required)
Basic methodological approaches relevant to psychological and social science research. You think I can do this?

* Mauri Ora: Social Psychology of Human Flourishing - PSYCH202
Social psychology with Maori perspectives. Social psych will be a breeze, Maori perspectives will be mostly new in depth.

* Cognitive Psychology and Development - PSYCH203
Cognitive neuroscience, cognitive development, and cognitive processes such as memory, attention, language, and decision making. I've had little exposure to this, but I reckon I'll sink my teeth into it.

* Work Placement in Psychology PSYCH301
Engage with the wider community in a work-related or applied project setting. Useful given how much time I spend in workplaces and other organisations.

* Community, Culture and Diversity PSYCH302
Social justice, intersectionality, transformative interventions, and social change strategies that are central to community, indigenous and liberation psychologies. I have just a little bit of interest and enthusiasm for this one.

* Organisational Psychology PSYCH317
A general introduction to the psychology of work and organisational behaviour. Another one which I can apply existing knowledge in sociology to psychology. "Hmmm, your company seems to be having relationship issues with the parent company". Or something like that.

* Positive Psychology PSYCH344
Research in areas such as well-being, flow, personal strength, creativity, innovation, psychological health, resilience and characteristics of positive groups, institutions and organisations. Yes, I want people to become the best possible version of themselves.

* Directed Study PSYCH389
A flexible opportunity to undertake an investigation on a specific topic from a psychological perspective. Leaving this one open to pick something that piques my interst in 18 months or so. Maybe educational psychology and learning? :)