Lesson Five (Leciono Kvin): Simple Requests

One of the most simple and useful phrases in any language from the beginner to those experienced is the expression of requests in the present tense. It is very handy for travellers!

Mi volas = I want (or I would like). As we know from Leciono Tri this can be expanded to other pronouns, vi volas = You want., sxi volas = she wants., li volas = he wants., ili volas = they want.

What sort of things do you want?

toilet		necesejo	tiolet paper		neceseja papero
blanket		kovrilo		newspaper		jxurnalo
hotel		hotelo		television		televido		
room		cxambro		radio			radioaparato		
towel		mantukon	clothes			vestoj			

food		mangxo		water			akvo			
bread		pano		beer			biero			
apple		pomon		wine			vinon			
fish		fisxo		soda			sodakvo			

Of course, there is the magic word, bonvolu (please), that should always be added to requests and the expression of gratitude, dankon (thank you). In a commercial setting, it may be necessary to also ask kiom gxi kostas? (how much does it cost?), which one should return to the numbers in the previous chapter!