Duolingo Plus is Extremely Broken

After using Duolingo for over a year and accumulating almost 100,000 points I thought it would do the right thing and pay for the Plus service. It was exactly the right time as I would be travelling overseas and the ability to do lessons offline and have them sync later seemed ideal.

For the first few days it seemed to be operating fine; I had downloaded the German tree and was working my way through it. Then I downloaded the French tree, and several problems started to emerge.

When connected to a local wireless or even international data roaming (dear god, my poor wallet), the application would attempt to start, and then crash. I have submitted several bug reports with system logs to this effect.

As a result of this my 370 day streak was broken and none of the 2000+ points I had accumulated offline were synced. The application had effectively become "offline only".

Now the situation has gotten worse. Last night close to midnight I tried to start Duolingo again. When I woke up this morning it hadn't progressed beyond a 'black screen of death'.

As you can imagine I am less than happy with this situation. A paid service should provide a better service, not one which destroys the efforts one has made.

At the very least I would like my streak and points to be reinstated. I'll cancel my payment and try to squeeze in 5 lessons a day at wireless hot spots etc. But at the moment, I cannot trust Duolingo Plus.

Android 6.24.980.1, HTC One_M8