'Advanced Computing': A International Journal of Plagiarism

Advanced Computing : An International Journal was a publication that I considering writing for. However it is almost certainly a predatory open-access journal, that seeks a "publication charge", without even performing the minimal standards of editorial checking.

I can just tolerate the fact that the most recent issue has numerous spelling and grammatical errors as the I believe that English is not the first language of the authors. It should have been caught by the editors, but we'll let that slide for a far greater crime - that of widespread plagiarism.

The fact that the editors clearly didn't even check for this is an inexcusable oversight.

I opened this correspondence to the editors in the hope that others will find it prior to submitting or even considering submission to the journal in question. I also hope the editors take the opportunity to dramatically improve their editorial standards.

- - -
I cannot help but notice there is numerous spelling, grammatical, and factual errors in your most recent publication, along with outright :


"People can easily work together in a group by Sharing and storing the services in the cloud."

Why is "Sharing" capitalised? Is it a proper noun?

".. once a user creates shared data in the cloud, every user in the group is able to not only access and modify shared data, but also share the latest version of the shared data with the rest of the group."

This depends on group permissions.

"One of the most significant and common features of these mechanisms is to allow a Public Auditor to efficiently check data integrity in the cloud without downloading the entire data, referred to as public auditing."

Use of "public auditing" is redundant.

"The proposed mechanism allows a public Auditor"

Previously the proper noun was Public Auditor. Now it is a "public Auditor".

"During public auditing method it fails to preserve the identity privacy on shared data and results in reviling significant confidential information to Public Auditor."

Entire sentence does not make grammatical sense. "Reviling" should be "revealing".

"(HMAC) provides the server and the client each with a public and private key. The public key is known, but the private key is known only to that specific server and that specific client."

This entire section is plagiarised from here:



Spelling of "Literature" is incorrect.

"HMAC can then be expressed:"

This entire section is plagiarised from here:


"5.2 Integrity Verification"

Entire section is plagiarised from here: