Unit 102: Management Perspectives

Notes from the textbook; Michael Hitt, Stewart Black, Lyman Porter, Dallas Hanson, Management, Pearson Education Australia, 2007 and from the Study Guide (written by Neil Hardie, et al, published by Chifley Business School, APESMA and La Trobe University)


This provides an overview of the principal skills, activities and challenges of management. The historical background goes to the axial civilisations where projects were organised. "Good managers combine technical, interpersonal and conceptual skills; they are empathic and can lead others. They are able to make decisions, prioritise tasks and control crucial processes."

This course covers management skills and capabilities e.g., communication, leading, motivation., management functions e.g,. change, planning and decision making., areas of activity e.g., team management, strategy and ethics.

At the end of the unit one will be identify the skills and challenges of organisational change, the nature of organisational change,the factors of the external environment which managers should analyse, adapt to different national cultures, explain strategic and operational planning, evaluate methods of communication, motivation and leadership, and outline the process for developing an effective workforce.

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