Unit 430 Leadership

Topic 1: Effective Leadership

Leadership as a subject is a discipline specialist areas. The initial topic discusses intrinsic versus learned approaches to leadership.

Topic 2: Leadership concepts and theory

Leadership theory has developed over time; the main theories are universalistic, contingency and emotional.

Topic 3: Leaders as strategists

One of the five major leadership roles is leaders as strategists by examining the concept of organisational performance measurement in defining and developing the organisation's vision, mission, and strategy, along with the key leadership skills needed to effectively implement strategy.

Topic 4: Leaders as motivators

Leaders have the power to influence their followers' motivation through different types and sources of power and a leader's desire for power may affect their success in both acquiring it and wielding it. A review of concepts associated with compensation and rewards.

Topic 5: Leaders as communicators

Leadership skills and qualities are considered in the communication feedback loop by looking at leaders as both senders and receivers of information. Communication channels are available
for carrying the message but there are various barriers that may impede effective communication.

Topic 6: Leaders as decision makers

Leaders have a role in organisation decision making. There are different metrics of efficiency and effectiveness in decision making which can be modeled, along with common barriers.

Topic 7: Ethical leadership

Ethics can be defined in relationship with morals and values with for leaders, especially with the concepts relating to corporate values and business. There is an emerging ethical movement within business.

Topic 8: Leading change

Organisational change can be complex and requires careful management. Fundamental change occurs at the level of the organisation's culture with particular benefits for innovative cultures.

Topic 9: Measuring leadership performance

Leadership performance can be measured with performance measurement and performance appraisals with reference to executive remuneration and succession planning.

Topic 10: Emerging leadership issues

The emerging issues and challenges confronting leaders are corporate social responsibility, diversity, women in leadership cultural intelligence, and leading virtual and global teams.