Religious Loyalty

A surprise study published in The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion and reported by Scientific American suggests that the so-called Generation X group are more loyal to their religious background than the "Baby Boomers". By the same token the survey of some 37,000 Americans also noted that the number with no religious affiliation doubled in the 1990s and continues to increase.

What does this mean? The results suggest that, as per conventional observations suggest, there was a big move away from organised religion in the late 1960s and early 1970s. But those families which stayed continue to do so, and even continue to engage in the very real and necessary reform process that was initiated in those times. For those who support a liberal and open-minded approach to religious concerns, there is good news from both the results of the increase of those who prefer no affiliation and the stronger institutional loyalty among the others. Indeed, although the probably don't realise it, they have a lot in common.