For the health-conscious (and we all should be), the desserts section is usually fraught with danger, a world of refined sugars, trans-fatty acids, and saturated fats. To an extent, at least some sugars are some saturated fats are almost unavoidable. But it does not have to be too bad. Sugars that are included with fibre, like fructose, are significantly more preferable to white sugar, for example and most dessert recipes have far too much refined sugar in them. In many cases heavy saturated fats, like butter, can be replaced in most cases with unsaturated fats such as olive oil. And really, there is no need for trans-fats; they're nutritionally useless. Where chocolate is called for, substitute cocoa powder. Plus, in many dessert recipes, especially those which are dairy-based, can be fortified with whey protein which will not be affected by a baking process, and are often already flavoured.

So now you can have your just desserts.