Thuringian Klöße mit Bratkartofflen

Fünf Klöße und eine Gans, fünf Kilo im Gewicht,
das ist des Thüringers Leibgericht.

Five dumplings and a goose, five kilos in weight,
this is Thuringia's favorite dish.

A curious dish that consists of approximately half raw potatoes, grated and half boiled potatoes (each of about 750g) plus a cup of milk and seasoned with salt, a little bit of flour, a dash of vinegar.

When the raw potatoes are grated squeeze as much of the liquid out, mash with the boiled potatoes, and let stand. Bring water to the boil and, whilst this is happening, form large dumplings out of the mash, squeezing in a crouton to the centre. Bring the heat down to a simmer, add the dumplings for thirty minutes until they rise to the surface lifting with a slotted spoon or large fork,

As for the Bratkartofflen, that is simply fried potato and onions with salt and herbs added, usually a continental parsley.