PSYCH324 The Behaving Brain

This course focuses on the structure and function of minds, brains and behaviour. Students will be introduced to various theoretical perspectives: from experimental and cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, experimental analysis of behaviour, cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology. It has been said that there is nothing so practical as a good theory, so we will also highlight how theory leads to application in various real-world contexts, from personal health to education, and how everyday questions can be approached scientifically.

Module 1.0: Decision-making in perception, cognition and action
Module 2.0: Why culture matters
Module 3.0: Why humans cooperate
Module 4.0: Sensory measurement
Module 5.0: Illusions of motion
Module 6.0: Cognition and behaviour
Module 7.0: Cognition and language
Module 8.0: Enhancing thinking processes
Module 9.0: Neuroimaging
Module 10.0: Memory
Module 11.0: Neuropsychology
Module 12.0: Mind, brain and behaviour influences on information processing, performance and health