PSYCH 323 Changes Across the Lifespan

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

* evaluate classic and modern theories of human development across the lifespan
* review and critically assess the current state of key research findings in relation to key themes in the field of developmental psychology
* develop a more comprehensive, inclusive, and integrated view of the human mind to examine how factors ranging from biological maturation to culture shape our thoughts and behaviours
* compare, contrast, and critically evaluate research methodologies relevant to the study of changes across the lifespan
* discuss the implications for future research, professional practice, and other applied settings.

Module 1: Introduction to human lifespan development
Module 2: Social and emotional development
Module 3: Moral and prosocial development
Module 4: Communication development
Module 5: Cognition and learning
Module 6: Cognition and learning
Module 7: Broadening the lens – Social context
Module 8: Challenges for young people growing up in New Zealand
Module 9: Different developmental trajectories
Module 10: Autism spectrum disorder
Module 11: Progressive neurological conditions
Module 12: Acquired brain injury