"Less is more"; and that is why the liquor has refinement. When combined with others of its kin, the cocktail is a creature born from the grand alchemy of the admixture. Once upon a time, I would host cocktail parties that were as beautiful as they were wild. I would like to see some variation of those days of joy again, alas, these are the days of the global pandemic. What little happiness is possible we can recount here.

It is my considered option that once the necessities are satisfied in life, one increasingly should seek those things of utility that provide meaning through their stories, and an authentic expression of the self; and for me that includes cocktails. Once utility is satisfied, one must increasingly dedicate their resources to improving the world. For what is a person worth if they do not leave the world a better place? But I have written much more about this elsewhere.

My reviews of drinks that follow will be an honest reflection of my tastes, and an honest story will be told. Due to the constraints of my personal regime, this will be usually updated on Friday evenings (Weil Freitag ein freier Tag ist). Today is an exception, for exceptional reasons.

Expect liberal quotations from appropriate sources; especially T.S. Eliot's, The Cocktail Party (1949), to wit:

"There are several symptoms
Which must occur together, and to a marked degree,
To qualify a patient for _my_ sanatorium:
And one of them is an honest mind."