Frankfurter Green Sauce

Grüne Soße or, in local dialect, grie soβ, is commonly served with potatoes and halved boiled eggs.

According to some tales the favourite dish of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and invented by his mother, it first appears in a cookbook by Wilhelmine Rührig in 1860, almost 30 years after Goethe’s death. Getting the precise ingredients in other countries can be difficult, so you might need to be a bit inventive with substitutes (e.g., rhubarb if sorrel isn't available). Be generous with the herbs; the first time I made this I wasn't and whilst it was still delicious, you need at least equal parts herbs to the sour cream and yogurt. Many recipes suggest quark; if not available I find that ricotta is an acceptable variation. Simply blend all the ingredients together, and refrigerate, adding lemon last.

250g herbs (Borage, Chervil, Garden Cress, Continental Parsley Pimpinelle, Common Sorrel, Chives)
500g sour cream and yogurt mix and optionally quark cheese or ricotta.
2 hard-boiled eggs
1 teaspoon lemon juice
salt & pepper