Especial de Nacho

Tonight I honour the memory of Ignacio Anaya García, who died 45 years ago today. Ignacio "El Nacho" Anaya is credited for creating the famous nachos in 1940. A customer asked them for something different, Ignacio (the nickname "El Nacho" comes from Ignacio, ¿verdade?) spotted some fried corn tortillas, added melted cheese and jalapeños and so a legend was born. When asked what they were he answered: "Especial de Nacho" (I'm sure you can translate this). Yes, he presented them with the exotic dish of cheese and chili on toast. Brilliant.

Body: Here's an opportunity to load up on healthy foods. Skip the beef and go for textured-vegetable protein, 25g dry per hungry person. Add tomato (200g), add corn, refried beans, and black bean.

Topping: Make a basic guacamole; one ripe avocado, half a fresh tomato, plus lemon juice. Add a teaspoon of light sour cream on top. Feeling generous to yourself? A mix of light and chipotle cheese.

Beer: Corona Extra for pretty obvious contemporary reasons.