Drupal Bookmarks Module

When developing a website, and in particular an intranet, for an organisation there is often a debate on what should be on the frontpage.

Different departments and different individuals all seem to have "strong opinions" on the matter.

An obvious solution is to provide each and every authenticated user their own dashboard where they can add those things which are important to them, something like igoogle; two obvious candidates appeared to be good choices; Home Box and the Dashboard modules. There is even a comparison between the two.

Alas neither provided what I wanted in a simple manner. Home Box is orientated towards blocks, not nodes and Dashboard replicated entire pages when nodes were selected as a widgit. This was not what I wanted.

As it turned out the simplest solution is often the best. It certainly was the case this time, with the Bookmarks module. It creates a user-specific custom bookmark that follows the user around no matter which part of the site that they're on and one which they can always access, add, and modify.

The procedure is quite simple; as usual download and extract the tarbook in the appropriate modules directory (e.g., /var/www/drupal/sites/all/modules/), enable the module (admin/build/modulesadmin/user/permissions and establish where the bookmarks are going to appear by activating and placing the bookmarks block (admin/build/block