Gambit and FlexLM Issues on Ubuntu 8.10

A user visited with what at first appeared to be a minor problem. Previously we had installed Fluent CFD on their Macintosh system running Ubuntu but they particularly wanted to run Gambit as well, which does primarily the design modelling and meshing transition. Licenses had been received and from this point on it would seem to be a fairly trivial task.

The first step was to copy the various FlexLM files from an existing install to the desktop. We wanted to ensure that they permissions were retained because FlexLM uses a lot of symbolic links, so rather than scp we used rsync, except for the FluentLM file i.e.,

mkdir -p /opt/flexlm/11.6.1
cd /opt/flexlm/11.6.1
rsync -aP root@existinglicenseserver:/opt/flexlm/11.6.1/ .
scp root@existinglicenseserver:/opt/license/fluent/FluentLm .

Modifications were also made to the .bashrc file so that the location of the FlexLM license file was loaded automatically and to rc.local so the license manager was started:


export LM_LICENSE_FILE=/opt/license/fluent/license.dat


/opt/flexlm/lmgrd -c /opt/license/fluent/license.dat -l /opt/license/fluent/license.log
export LM_LICENSE_FILE=/opt/license/fluent/license.dat

But when we started gambit it failed... What could possible be wrong? The error message contained..

gambit: ../../src/xcb_lock.c:77: _XGetXCBBuffer: Assertion `((int) ((xcb_req) - (dpy->request)) >= 0)' failed.

Turns out that the application's calling of libx11 is somewhat broken, as one other Chinese Gambit user has discovered. The solution is to get an older version of x11, downgrading these packages to versions found in Gutsy (7.10). But where is such a thing to be found?

Thailand of course.

Once this south-east Asian collective effort is sorted, then run the usual.

dpkg -i libx11-6_1.1.1-1ubuntu4_i386.deb libx11-dev_1.1.1-1ubuntu4_i386.deb